Congrats to John "Jazz" Owens

I just wanted to say congrats to John Jazz Owens from team Lethal, for his victory over Jesse Iron Jaw Sanders, last weekend in Chad Bergmiers show in Marshalltown. This was Johns Pro boxing Debuet against a guy that was 8-0 with 8 kos. The crazy thing was Jazz took this fight on 4 hours notice. Watch out for Jazz in the boxing ring, this has been long overdue, the guys hands are crazy!

Also congrats to Glen Knight for winning his first MMA fight, with an armbar in 30 secconds.

Congrats to team Lethal,
Brad Kenealy



Damn, that is a nice win for Jazz! How'd the fight go, Brad?

Halverson, Jazz got knocked down he was caught off balance in the first round, but came back and won the round. In the second round Jazz took control of the fight, he hit him with a boby shot that took Sanders legs and it was over from there. In the 3rd round Jazz started to hit him with some serious power shots, and 3 punch combos. The 4th round Jazz really showed off his hand speed, he looked great for taking the fight on short notice. Jazz won all 4 rounds. He has really focused on his conditioning and is looking to make a name in the boxing game.

Credit to Sanders and his corner they were a complete class act, and the guy really does have a serious Iron Jaw.

It was a great night for Team Lethal and look for Nick Wright in the VFC on the 27th at Harrahs casino.

John is Victor Moreno still intrested in a boxing match with Jazz?

Get ahold of me at
Or 712-366-6127.


Sounds good. I will send you an email.

AOL would not let the email go thru- so here it is:

That would be a good match providing Vic actually comes back to the gym and trains! He hasn't been back since his loss a couple weeks ago. If he trains, let's set it up sometime.

Josh and Jazz had one Hell of a boxing match. That shit was intense. Jazz certainly does have serious skills. And, after a BIG win like that over Sanders I would get him some more exposure. He could make a huge impact in Iowa (and midwest) boxing. You should see if Paul Szinsky (sp???) can get him hooked up.

I will be at the VFC to corner for Josh. I am really looking forward to the show

OK, thanks.


John we are having weigh ins at my show the night befor, it should be awsome. We have new owners and you wouldn't even reconize the place, they really fixed things up. If you have any one intrested in fighting let me know.

Talk to you soon!