Congrats to Kendall Goo!

On receiving his 1st degree on his brown belt last night by Relson.

Hopefully the next 1 wont take 3 years! Congrats!

Man, I have known Kendall since 1995. He should be Black Belt, like a long time ago. I was white belt and he was 2 striped blue back then. I just got my black belt and he is better than me and has been in jiu-jitsu before i even started. I respect Relsons knowledge but he sandbags people worse than anyone in jj. Scott Devine had to wait 13 years to get his Black Belt. Scott is an incredible teacher and loyal as hell too. Just my two cents!

Kendall is a STUD!!!

Congrats Kendall!! I was hoping to get the opportunity to get smashed by you before the Arnolds. But after watching you fight I'm glad I didn't. You are a warrior. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to come and train with you, Steve, Ron, and all the other killers in Hawaii. Until then,
God Bless!!


Doesn't Relson have some wierd agenda with Goo winning the Mundials Blue through Brown, before he gets promoted?


Congrats Bro!!! - 100% Jiu-Jitsu