Congrats to Kurt Pellegrino

Big Congratulations to Kurt Pellegrino for a solid and quick win last nite in the AFC show in South Florida. Kurt finished his opponent with text book jiu jitsu with an awesome guillotine.

The Armory fans were all there to support Kurt in droves.....couple hundred maybe....looked that way with all the Armory shirts there.

Congrats again and way to go "The Real Deal"


Congrats, Kurt.

Congrats riding a bike.

Congrats Batman!


hysterical, yet impressive once again ;)

kurt put on a good show! xo

great night for the Armory!!

Kurt's the man! Quick!....To the Bat Phone!.....We need Batman to rescue the UFC!!!

Congrats! Nice choke...Nice dancing too.

kurt showd his patience and experience as well as his ring ownership in this fight! he lookd fierce and technical in the ring for sure!

just a vets perspective

well taken matt.... but what about all my new dance moves man? they were out of this world... i would like to thank carlao for all my new dance moves it was hard, but we got it done...


WAR ARMORY!!!!!!!!

i was just trying to act mature for a sec......all i could think about was your dance moves....they were hot!!!!! why do u think i didnt go into the ring with u? (i had a boner)

the only thing that woulda made that entrance hotter is if carloa woulda took his shirt off and let down his hair

just a seasond (shown on tv) vets opinion



Congrats - get this man back in the UFC

Kurt - any chance of you going back to 155 if you got another UFC shot?

Congrats Batman.