Congrats to Mandy!

" LISA WARD vs. MANDY STEWART 125LBS: Stewart by Triangle, RD 1."

Great result! Well done to Mandy.


Check out the pics....

Well done Mandy, great triangle choke.
Brad Morris

Not sure why the last picture didn't go up so here it is again...

You go girl!!!!

Well done! From memory most of your fights have been on the feet duking it out. Good to see you can kick ass on the ground.

Great effort Mandy. Congrats from your Integrated Martial Arts Team Mates. See you back soon.

As per the 'Good Luck' thread, excellent news Mandy. Well done, and huge congratulations. It must feel good to not only make the effort to go all that way, but to also get a great win out of it. Excellent!

Thanks for the vote of confidence in our team theunnatural. Danny Higgins is bringing the team up to another level. I am very proud of them all.

All the dirty jokes and wishes that have come to mind must be pushed aside so I can wish Mandy the best of luck for the future and congrats on the win ;)

Congratulations, my friend.

Congrats Mandy, you good thing!

well done Mandy. Thanks for the pics Elvis.

Hope to see Mandy in action again soon.

Power on !


ha ha ha ha aha cccchhhhhhhoooooiiiicceeeeee!!!!!!!!
you bloody legend..... i told u all those breakdancing lessons would pay off:)

Hey Everyone

Thanks for all the support guys, i really appreciate it. Before i have a quick chat about the fight there is a few people i really want to thank. Number one is Dan Higgins, without him i wouldnt be where I am today, Tony Green for everything you've done for me and all my training partners especially Adrian Pang who gave up alot of his time to train with me and help me out in so many ways, My sponsors for getting me over there KRH Global Security ( Auspac Muay Thai ( The Staff at Mirvac Homes who helped me alot with raising money, and to anyone else i missed, i thank you all :)

The whole event was so much fun, there was so many great people over there. I got to meet Jens Pulver and Justin Eilers from the Militich Camp and they are so great. All the girls that fought on the show are tops aswell, we all had a blast together. The DVD will be out in a few months so i'll let you all know when its available.

Quick question?? which of you guys will be going to XFC 6, just want to know who i'll be able to catch up that weekend

See ya's all soon


'I got to meet Jens Pulver'... so jealous!

r u still living in redlands? maybe i can come up training with you one night Tony owes me payback 4 last time we rolled and i owe Dan payback....... likes thats ever gonna happen..
regards nathan

Hey Nathan

Yeah i still live at Alex Hills, so let me know when your free, we all train pretty much most nights of the week somewhere around town, would love to catch up with you again to, its been way to long since i seen you last. Are you going to be at XFC?

not going to xfc WORK SUX but i tried to ring your mob. and not connected. i still have your work # but don't know if that's a good idea shoot me an e-mail....

or ring me be gr8 to catch up with u and the boys love nathan

Hey Nathan

Yeah my phone wont work at the moment, im still in the states, i'll be back on friday so i'll shoot you an email then. Gotta run only got 4 mins left (damn public computers :)

Talk to you soon