Congrats to my bro A. Weidler!!!

Wrestling is a bitter sweet sport, athletes do it there who lives and the bottom line is its one of the sports that takes the most dedication, sacrifice and discipline...But you get so much out of it as far as life lessons (besides being a small guy that can drop a huge drunk on his head). The bitch of it is this, if you are an All-American in any of the above spotrs, Football, Baeball, Basketball, and even golf your gonna be set financially regardless of whether or not you earn a degree. Even if you win an Olympid gold in wrestling, you may wind up having to hock it to pay the bills.

Bottom line is this, 99.9 percent of wrestlers dedicate themselves for a good part of their lives in search of one goal...To finish thier career in the natioanl finals in a jam packed arena with thier hand raised in victory, even if a wrestler takes second (a GREAT accomplishment) they have a lifetime of regret.

Each year only 10 wrestlers finish thier season with a smile on their face, having accomplished thier's unfortunate for the work all thes guys put in. (I was an all-american and still feel like it was all in vein at times).

Enough building up the story, bottom line is this...last night my lil bro Artie Weidler finished his colligate career the way evry wrestler dreams of as a pee-wee wrestler. Hand raised in a sold out arena in Iowa, against and Iowa wrestler as the 2004 NCAA D-3 National champ. He ended his career as a 3 time All-American, N.Y.S. Colligate champ, and he'll have his degree soon enough. I couldn't be prouder of him. He and I have stories that would make Pulvers look like a comedy...No offense Jens. We practically raised one another and this is a direct result of what happens when you put evry ounce of heart and soul into somthing. I can't think of anyone that has deserved somthing more. P.S. his opponent pinned evryone in the tournament up till the finals...

Congrats bro, I dont think I'd be this happy or proud if I had done it myself. I love ya and When you come home this Friday, we're gonna celebrate like you deserve. First 5 lap dances are on me!!!! Congrats hermano'. Your bro, Jon

awesome Jon, you guys are class acts!

Thanks man, means alot comming form another class act like yourself...

TTT For A.W.

Congrats to Jon's little brother! John H.

this makes me so happy, since artie went away to school and I went away I havent been able to talk to him that much but I know how hard and how long he has been working towards being the national champion. I been following him through the wrestling websites all year long and have checked the live updates all day during the D3 tourney. I knew and believed 100% that he would do this, send him my deepest congrats Jon.


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ttt for the soon to be D3 165lb national champ

Tommy G had caught the correct over a month ago!!!! TTT


Congratulations A. Weidler. That's an accomplishment if there ever was one!

Congrats Artie!!! I have always heard so much about his talent but was never able to witness it, what a great accomplishment. Jon you sound proud as hell!....Joe

congrats to one of NYs best

congrat's brother Artie...!!

TTT one more time for A.W, Tommy and Daren, if ya can grab the Long Island version of Newsday tomorrow...There is gonna be a nice article on my bro. Im not gonna stop smiling all fucking week. Friday bro, it's party time!!! Jon

"TTT one more time for A.W, Tommy and Daren, if ya can grab the Long Island version of Newsday tomorrow...There is gonna be a nice article on my bro. Im not gonna stop smiling all fucking week. Friday bro, it's party time!!! Jon "

damn Im in oklahoma so i cant get it but if you can scan it and email it to me id love to read it. your buddy wally the weapon scanned the last article on artie and emailed it to me if you can ask him to do it again id appreciate it.

TTT for Artie. PS his brother John isn't a bad guy either.
Your friends at the FFC

Tommie, mail me your adress and Ill send you and autographed copy this weekend (Arties, not mine ;-)

Lee, thanks for the compliment, congrats on another great show. I have spoke with a few of the fighters and they confirm what I have already seen for myself...You put on a great show and treat fighters the way they should be treated. Don't be misled by my "inactivity" in the past several months. I'm far from done and you can consider it a type of "Quiet before the storm." Hopefully I'll be on another one of your cards in the near future (especially if you guys go with a cage, wich I read somewhere) and you will have the chance to meet my bro for yourself. Thanks and good luck. Jon


what does D-3 mean exactly?

sounds impressive either way, congrats

Congrats! Awsome job. Artie is one tough motherfucker.

Jon Sin City is the place for you to get back in the mix. There is alot of tough training. Anytime you wanna come down and start it up you know you have an open invite.


Phil B

That is Fuckin sweet, Congratulations Art! You deserve it man.