Congrats to new Relson Black Belt in DC area

Congrats to Toney Waldecker on obtaining his Black Belt from Relson Gracie last night in Virginia at Fightworks academy. Toney has been around the game for over 12 years and has worked hard to get his game where it is. It was a good seminar having Relson, his son Rhalan, Pedro Sauer, and Andrew Correa all being present.

Congrats to Toney.

 Huge congrats. Relson's students are the most technical I have ever seen.


 Congrats Toney!

congrats....great BJJ talent in the DC area

Great news. I love to see guys get black belts, espcially old guys!

 PLEASE tell Tony that Dustin Ware from Ohio said CONGRATS!

Tony was my roommate when I lived in Falls Chruch, and was going through the police academy.

At that time (2000), we trained in the "Fighters Garage" there in Falls Church, VA. Tony was a Blue Belt, but was one of the more technical guys at the gym.

I am very happy for him!  His military back ground allowed for him to become not only a great competitior, but a great teacher as well.

- Dustin Ware

Huge congrats to Big Toney!
I trained at the Garage with him and Dustin back in 99/00 as well. Even though in relation to the overall time that I've been training, it was brief, Toney had a huge impact not only in teaching me moves, but inspiring me to stick with the game . That was when, like Dustin said, Toney was a blue belt. I can only imagine how great a teacher he is these days.


ttt for Toney.