Congrats to Nick Thompson

Congrats brother on your big victory tonight over UFC veteran Josh Neer in Extreme Challenge. Major props! Everyone in Wisconsin is proud of you! Keep it up!


Thompson won in the 2nd round by RNC

from one ugly goat to another you are the man

Congrats Nick!!

Congrats Nick!

Nick has a way of making guys look like shit, he is a bad ass, congrats Nick. UFC bound


Nick is a lot of things, but he's not an ugly goat.

Congrats Nick. Finishing Neer is very impressive.

Nick looked good and appeared to be in control of every
facet of the fight. Josh just couldn't seem to mount any
effective offense, and defensively he also seemed out of
sync. Just seemed like he couldn't pull the trigger. Not sure
why that was, or if it was just that Nick had his number. Hard
to say, but congrats to Nick for a big W and best wishes to
Josh for a return to his winning ways.



Nice job Nick! A major win for you.

Congrats to Nick getting another huge win.

Nick is what happened to him. Nick is extremely unorthodoxed and composed. Most people take this as him being careless, and underestimate when in fact it's the exact opposite. NIck's young and has an incredible future ahead of him.

Hey Nick, do you know when/if you're fighting Keith Wisnewski for his belt at FFC?

I wanna make sure I'm there. That'll be a sick fight.

He sure did look calm and composed from start to finish.

Appeared to have all the confidence in the world and turns
out he has good reason to have that confidence. Puts things
together nicely, fights well standing or on the ground, and
appears to have excellent conditioning. Impressive.



I have reffed Nick before, he is extremely calm and composed..I think it gives him an edge, Id personally like to know how he does it. He acts like he is taking a leisurely walk through central park.


congrats to the goat

very impressive win. i covered his 170 lb tournament victory in tunica.
thompson is a SERIOUS force at this weight.

yeah a great win,even when the ref stands the fight up when nick has side position.he fought more than one guy this night and won.