Congrats to Niko Vitale

I'd like to give my sincere congratulations to Niko Vitale, who defeated Dave Menne Saturday night at Super Brawl.

Vitale was impressive and deserves another shot at the big time. He fought with a broken toe throughout the last two rounds and beat one of the sport's real stars.

Menne fought hard, almost pulled off a knee bar in the closing minutes, and definitely showed why he is called "the Warrior" ... taking all Niko offered and never taking a step back.

Congrats again to both fighters... the first round may have been the most exciting in Super Brawl history... and the fight overall also ranks among the best.

I'd really like to see the fight

Congrads Niki hope your toe is bettah!


TTT 4 Monte coming on here


Thanks to promoter for helping make the fight happen.
Possibly the best Super Brawl main event ever (yes, even compared with Shamrock/Lober 1, Vitor/Hess, Inoue/Miller, Inoue/Tiger).

I had Niko winning all three rounds but "WAR" is the best word I can think of to describe this fight.



don't know if you notice but the lil girl in the back fighting in the ring she is Niko's daughter the next generation fighter/cheerleader

I am looking forward to buying the DVD!

Congrats to Niko on an amazing win this past
Saturday at SuperBrawl!

"Any info on the DVD release? Probably a little to soon for that, huh?"

I bought a HooknShoot show about 10 days after it happened from Fightworld once.


ttt for the SUPA SAMOAN!!