Congrats To Phil!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Phil.....a job well done by you and Coach Blauer!!!!!!


Congrats and details...


Phil, You Da Man...Anybody know what submission he used?
(Now where can I get $440.00 for the video?)


I'll ask Mitch to post a detailed thread, he was ringside as a journalist and he's also been a marital artist for many years.

But FYI: The fight lasted just over 3 minutes. Tactical entry, forced a couple of wild punches, moved Pena into the TCMS 'Phonebooth' , tactical clinch, Phil was grinding him with 'halfSPEAR' pressure a lot, secured a nice Crucifix but Pena grabbed the ropes several times so no take down was had. Phil drilled some heavy knees, Pena tried to escape PHil stuck they danced across the ring Pena managed a tight upright clinch, Phil drove a new variation of the SPEAR that easlily and painfully broke the clinch. Pena to his credit hung on and managed a headlock and started to try to throw Phil, who at this point wanted to get on the ground so he went with it and easlily broke out of the headlock, hooked the hip and slid into a rear mount, drove the hooks in and was in complete control. Phil then threw a couple of punches to Pena head/face. Pena tried to cover, bumped around a bit, managed to get to his knees, Phil road him deliberately further tiring him, jammed the hooks in again,proned him out and dug in a rear strangle Pena tapped at 3 minutes something.

Phil was completely cool, so relaxed, even while Pena took swings at him and trid to hit him in clinches. I trained Phil completely differently for this fight and did NOT let him do anything typical.

There were a couple of other action packed fights, but in terms of cleaness, composure, tactics, control and efficiency, Phil was it. When you see the tape you will NOT beoiuve he was fighting a MMA fight for the first time vs. someone who's had some experience. I was very proud.

As I indicated, we videoed his last training session as well as pre-fight footage and the fight and it will appear on a MMA Training series that CHOKEYOU2 has asked me to do for some time.

Also, looks like I may start training fighters and create a team, several fighters were asking quesitons about tactics & training. We'll see.

Oh, almost forgot, if you do get my videos, I must warn you, my tactics are for entertainment purposes ONLY and do NOT really work, and I don't know what I'm doing as a coach, I read that in a thread :-)



Thanks Guys,

All I can say is training for the fight was much harder than fighting. The fight was just like the drills we had practiced, just more lights and people :)

I felt so calm. What Coach Blauer said would happen, happened.

It's great to get the first one under my belt.


Congratulations Phil.

See you soon Brother. Great work Tony.

God bless - Walt

Tony, you aren't planning on upsetting the UFC, are you?

Congrats, anyway!


Congratulations Phil, you walked the walk.


super job Phil!!!!

well done!



Super job! Congratulations on the victory and keep up the great work. I really enjoyed watching your demeanour in the fight as you were very calm, patient reserved and extremely focused. My hat goes off to you my friend.

Joe Ferraro
Showdown Fightwear

To a job well done Phil!!!!

Having talked to you on the phone prior to your
fight, it was obvious that you were more then mentally
prepared to meet the challenge. The physical tools,
i believe, were never a concern.

I am so very happy for you on this accomplishment and
that you were able to do, exactly what you set out to

Keep up the good fught!


NICE.....(what more can I say?)

nice guy

Phil, congratulations! Well done.
Strength and Honor


Good show :)

Congrats Phil and Coach!


Well Coach Blauer set the cue. Yes, I was lucky enough
to sit ringside as a journalist for Hour Magazine (see this Thursday for a short piece on UCC 1 and Phil). Tony pretty much described what happened and everybody else took care of how calm, collected and focused Phil was. The only thing I would like to add is that I am very proud of the hard work and team work. Blauer, Hughes, Walt Lysak and the whole family tree made sure, as a team, that everything would go right... and it did. A quick victory, some meaningless scratch marks (probably from training and not fighting) and Phil got the chance to enjoy the rest of the show. I have worked with (and known) Tony for over ten years and his stuff is the best and works, if you open your mind and ears to what he has to say. It is applicable to any situation: a street fight, an NHB bout, heck, even every day stress situations at work. I also encourage anyone who has slagged this system to actually buy something, or train with the team, before commenting. How trusted of a voice, in journalism, would I be if I reviwed an NHB event without actually ever going to it?? I spoke with Phil on his way back home and he is looking forward to his next bout. In the meantime congrats to all involved and I'll try to have more of my own voice here... time permitting. Great to see so many of Phil's compadres sending out their congrats. Here is mine... way to go!!!!!

Great work Phil! I look forward to seeing the video.

One question: What is the TCMS "Phonebooth"? I've never heard this term before.

I believe that Coach is referring to the TCMS maxim
"Real fights happen in the space of a phone booth"


Congrats phil, great job and a pleasure to meet you...