Congrats to San Diego

I wanted to say congrats to San Diego Ca. on getting the Abu Dhabi Champinship next year . It should be a great venue in which to have the best grappplers in the world show their talent .

Thank you sir.. there couldn't be a better place honestly... I would imagine it could be at the convention center.. Man this is awesome

Nice to know Dean will be on his turf this time

i knew i moved here for a reason!

Hell Yeah
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party at sdcartels!!!!!!!!!

where did you get this info from?

this is wonderful

Damn News getting better and better!!!!! 1 week ago I was ready to fly to Japan!!!!

How did you guys find this out??? i dont think said anything yet about sd. I know they said the trials will be in vancouver though. I hope you guys are right, sd would be perfect.


San/Angeles is the mecca of US BJJ...

but I'd still like to know your source


where at?

I don't think a location has been set until all the proposals have been seen. But I'll see you guys in SD if you're right!

so what's the source erickson? enquiring minds want to know...

edited for tact

It was in SD in 2002(or was it 2001).. anyways, it was great. Can't wait for this years!

It was the trails that was in SD DOGG