Congrats to Steve Adams

 on stuffing Carson's post-fight takedown attepmt in the cage. Good technique and well done!

When was that?

^^^ this reply may help explain some of your scores! Phone Post

They don't pay me for post-fight ; )

It was really more like a shove. Carson was obviously upset and was venting, and Steve happened to be the first person in there to try and console him. Phone Post


Ya. I saw that too. I'm sure Carson apologized. Hell he might not even remember he did it. Phone Post  

Lol I definitely don't remember that!!! Hahaha! Phone Post

It was right before the throwing of the mouthpiece....sorry I never made it to the after long are you in town? Phone Post

john, you are a really good fighter and i hope i can help you in the future. let me know if there is anything i can do.

I'm in town til Jan 4 Phone Post