Congrats to the UG

I think the UG Grand Pix is awsome idea for some guys just trying to fight mma. Look i train all the time and am trying to be a pro fighter but i would really like to support this thing, were is the event being held.... anyway just wanted to say that this is an awsome idea




HEF...First, good luck in your career.  I wish you the best.  It's a real honor to be doing this.  I never dreamed there would be this much interest.  I just had a dream to have an MMA fight.

ICE Show...Cincinnati...August (Date forthcoming)

If you're interested in fighting I'm putting together all the names and info on fighters.  Post it on this thread.  LINK

P.S.  I'm a fuckin' nobody....AND I'M GONNA MAKE WEIGHT!!!!

Thanks for the support HEF.

The event should be in August.

I think we'll have an answer after the ICE show on June 9th.

If ICE can't do it we've had a few other folks offer including a great offer from Mark Matheny.

one way or another it will be in Ohio.