Congrats to Travis Wiuff

Nice win bro. Keep it up.

Was his gameplan to get nearly knocked out multiple times, then resort to laying on top until the rounds ended?

If so, great follow through. lol

Congrats to Wiuff, but M'Pumbu did all the real damage in that fight.

A win is a win, and Travis is one of the most down to earth people you'd ever meet, and one of my favorite people in the sport.
Anthony, have you ever cut from 270 to 205? Or been in a professional fight? You seriously make me laugh. Tell me, with your vast experience, exactly what "nearly getting knocked out" means. People get hit, and hurt. Technically, its way more pathetic to let a hurt guy take you down, when that is how he's winning the fight. Maybe you should make fun of his opponent...or strap on some gloves and give it a shot your self.


He won all 3 rounds..

 Met Travis more than of the nicest guys in the sport for sure and a great fighter

Travis is an excellent fighter and humble man. A couple posters could learn from his humility.


OaktownWhiteBoy - 

"A win is a win"

Tell that to DfW and see what it gets way bus ticket home!

DfW the boxercise badass

I think Dana would respect the fact that Travis was hurt twice, and still found a way to impose his will..... think Dana would say that to a guy with 80 something fights? Againsed huge names?

Maybe your really right, I don't know.

 Great guy who has been around a long time.  I watched him up in Minnesota when he first got started in MMA.  Glad to see he is still having success.  I agree that he is one of the most humble, down - to - earth guys you will meet anywhere, and has worked his ass off and more than paid his dues in this sport.  Always nice to see good things happen for good people.



Well said, Fred.

Looked in superb shape, and took a nice win with excellent technique and a great chin.

Congrats Travis! You are the man. Nice to hear from you on here again Justin.

Candid assessment of the fight by Wiuff in the post-fight interview:
"I'm just a big, strong wrestler, and he hasn't experienced that before."

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that was my first and last wuiff fight i will ever watch. he may have won, but to me he lost that fight.

M'Pumbu will knock him out in a rematch, especially if it's 5 rounds. This was a big win for Wiuff but he got beat up in every round, but was able to get takedowns where he basically did nothing. Phone Post