Congrats to WEC Champ Anthony Pettis & Dan Downes

Thank You everyone for your support. Words can not describe the pride I have for New WEC World Champion Anthony Pettis & Danny Boy Downes!

Good job guys, big big wins for both.


that is all

ttt big fan of your team and I hope nothing but the best in the future! WAR SHOWTIME! Phone Post



if you weren't a pettis fan before, jump on up. that guy has some dynamic stand-up, mixed with talent and speed in the scrambles.

Duke, enjoy the extra 500 gym memberships that Anthony brought you tonight :) Phone Post

You mean UFC champs Phone Post

 What an awesome fight.  Congrats to your whole team Duke!  Now hurry up and get that instructional out... I need to learn how to wall kick asap!

^one day? lol

Congrats to you Duke....long time coming brother.

Unbelievable kick, i believe Pettis was planning to use that kick once he walked into the cage. After his entrance when he was walking around the cage he ran up on the cage quick, probably testing the flexibility.

Anyways great work Duke, makes me proud to be from Miltown. I remember seeing Pettis fight at state fair about 2 years ago at gladiators where he subbed a guy in impressive fashion under a minute.

Keep it up Duke and Team Roufus, rep Miltown to the fullest. Phone Post

Danny "Boy" Downes should be known as Danny "System of a" Downes

thanks for Support!