Congrats to Weezy!!!

RESULTS from tonight's K-1/EliteXC

-Jonathan Wiezorek vs. Tim "Big Perm" Persey

RD1: Persey lands the first blow of the fight as both fighters clinch in the corner. Wiezorek trying to take Persey but he defends well. They are broken up by the refeere and restarted, they clinch again and Wiezorek lands an errant knee to the groin. Fight is restarted and Persy drops Wiezorek with a punch. Persey lands some shots that hurt Wiezorek but Wiezorek starts working a kimura but Persey escapes. Back on the feet, Wiezorek gets a takedown and the ends the round on top of Persey.

RD 2: Wiezorek clinches up and takes Persey down, he gets his back and starts landing shots. Persey not fighting back and the fight is stopped.

Jonathan Wiezorek by TKO, :50 of the 2nd RD

Its good to see Weezy back in the big show representin GA...

I knew she was tough..... But wow!

I smell superfight....



Zuffa make it happen!!!!!!