Congrats Todd Smith!

Just wanted shout out a big congratulations to my coach and more importantly, my good friend, Todd Smith!

On Sunday he received his purple belt from Marcus Soares.

Definitely noticed the difference when he was handing out the ass kickings today!

Great job, bud!



Marcus has been in B.C. for 7 years and Todd is the 7th person to get a purple belt in B.C. I'll try to be next years! Good work Todd you disserve it!!!

Met Marcus in 1997 and did my best to help him out- simply a great guy, good friend and amazing martial artist! After this time I am blue belt/two stripes and proud because with Marcus you know that "it is what it is" Purple is a great accomplishment- be proud as you deserved it...


congratulations and about time. I think all the blue belts will be happy that you will be moving up a division and avoid your gi chokes.

Todd is hell on wheels.

todd would be even more badass with a mullet!!!!!!