Congrats Vieages!!!!

Nice debut in Ft Meyers, man!!!! First round KO :20 in!!!

I knew you would make good on wanting to knock out this guy. Sorry I couldn't make it. This whole 65 hour a week job is really getting on my nerves.

I'll make your next one, I promise!


:20 in, WOW. Great job Nathan. Wish I was there to. Hopefully the next one will be here in Orlando or Tampa?

Nathan is a great athelte with superb fighting skills. You will see alot from him in the near future. He is not only has great fighting skills he is training like a pro. He trained hard for this fight. Now that he has a taste for victory Nathan will train harder for future competion....

Keep Training and Blasting.




Get him a green name!

congrats. .20 very impressive.


Todd- Have you been able to train lately?

LOL....I wish. Know that I have 2 sons. Cody is 5 Years old and Tyler is 1 years old I have no time for MMA trainig. I usually get to work out early in the morning after work at 5AM at Gold's Gym.

Cody loves watching the UFC with me. He always wants to spar with me. He is learning to stay clam and relax when I get him in submission hold. He loves to take me down and do ground and Hopefully in another year or 2 at the most if he still interested we can both take class at the same school?

He was all excited when he heard Nathan won his fight. He told me when he grows up he wants to be a fighter.

TTT Nate you did very well lastnight

thanks guys, i had a blast and want to thank marcio, bobby and todd for getting me ready for this fight i felt good and hope to do it again soon.

tell cody im flattered todd, and ill get him ready for his first fight, thanks tim, also thanks to all my training partners for beating on me and helping me get ready it was a great experience.

I will let him now.