Congrats to Wilson Gouveia on his win over Seth Petruzelli last night at UFC Fight Night!

Both guys came out agressive landing several shots with Wilson landing some good low leg kicks.
Seth lands a "Superman" punch and than Wilson shoots a double to take Seth down.  Wilson landed in Seth's guard where he conitued punching until the round ended.

Round 2 Wilson lands a right hand, Seth shoots in and Wilson secures a guillotine choke forcing Seth to tap out at .39 seconds of the 2nd round.

Great showing by Wilson who has won his last 2 fights in the UFC by submission!




Good job Wilsao!!!!!!


way to go!

Sweet....i became a fan after seeing him dominate Jardine in the first round of their fight (and then unfortunately gassing).

Gouveia with a gas tank = title contender IMO.

congrats wilson

thats some kind of team loyalty ya got going on there...Seth and Wilson both from ATT.

the ufc has 20 other 205 lbs fighters to pick from why this match up Joe Silva?
total bullshit.


3t for 2 great fighters


Couple of points of clarification for you.

Seth is not an ATT fighter nor has he ever been one.
He runs an academy with Paul R. who is an ATT fighter along with Luigi and Ben Saunders.

Wilson had his opp. changed 3x times and the fight was offered to Seth, which he accepted. Props to him for taking a tough fight. Had nothing to do with team loyalty.

American Top Team

ATT, dont even play that crap with me I live here in fla i know what goes on.
you can say what ever you want but that match upwas a shity thing to do to seth.



He doesn't fight for ATT nor does he rep. ATT.
I think I would know. Have a good day.

American Top Team

way to go wilson..ATT

way to go cole!

try to blow smoke up someone eles ass not mine.

Im done with this bullshit topic.

you know Im right.


Way to go Wilson!!!

Seth runs an ATT academy and his team consists of ATT members but he is not a part of ATT?

Wasn't seth with gracie barra out in orlando?