Congrats Yasubey Enomoto KO's Sanae Kikuta n JAPAN

What a BIG WEEK of fight results Tiger Muay Thai has had. Besides Strikeforce Vet Joe Ray knocking out Mundial BJJ Champion Zoro Moreria, and WEC Vet Muhsin Corbbrey beating his World Chinese Sanda opponent in ESPN STAR Sports Martial Combat event...

Yasubey Enomoto a multiple time guest of Tiger Muay Thai--and winner of our inaugural NEVERTAP ASIA Grappling tournament, Just fought in Sengoku Knocking out former ADCC Champion and UFC vet Sanae Kikuta. Kikuta is an absolute legend in Japan having faced Renzo Gracie, Elvis Sinosic, Kidehiko Yoshida, Yuki Kondo, Murilo Bustamante, Masanori Suda, and Egan Inoue.

Congrats Yasubey, who is know 5-1 in MMA with a bright career ahead of him!!!

Yasubey and his brother Felipe run the Enomoto Dojo in Switzerland.


Huge win for Yasubey. Congrats!

 Great fighter and that was a huge win for him, I'm sure he'll do well in Japan.

Post-fight interview here: