To my good friend Hiza Geri; as the forum LEGEND!!!! I salute you sir on your 1000th post, this is far more an accomplishment than that pretty belt that you have, although you should be proud you have a legit rank and don't claim something ridiculous like what I have heard going on.

Kudos to you.

Your friend,

FCFBlazer - the MMA.TV AL Forum LEGEND


FCF has attained "OMAtm" like status by being deleted here on this forum. He also has over 10,000 posts. On the other hand, you trolled the ever living crap out of me, and you weren't even targeting me. I say, much like the Sith, there can only be 2 - a Master and the apprentice. So far, FCF has the lead, making him master. All you have to do is bump him off, and you're gold...or black....or whatever.

I don't think I'll ever get my posts deleted, as I try to get along and all that nonsense... However, it seems like it doesn't take a whole lot to get deleted lately, so...

the force is strong in this one, but you are not a jedi yet.

No kidding. I can go on the OG and off the posts of some girl that may or may not be of legal age, I'm allowed to say that I'd use her mouth as a toilet and that is okay. But defend myself after some 80 year old lady calls me a piece of shit and that is not okay.

Fine. As long as I know the rules!

Besides, its not everyday you win OMA(TM) internet celebrity status! I am a LEGEND!!!

WOW - who's 80 and who called you a pos?  lawdymama

LOL, someone's feeling guilty, if you didn't have all my posts deleted I would show you where you can find it!

I will only address this once with you:

Fact is you did say it, I believe the correct term was chicken shit. Whatever though, this board is all in fun, with me and my homies! Last post regarding you because you are not worth any of my time and you're a joke!

Here you go:

From: LawdyMama
Date: 09/07/06 12:23 AM
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yeah - your ass just "trains" while Skip DOES fight
FCFBlazer = chicken shit!

There, you have how it started. You have now been set to ignore. Thank you.

Hiza, this thread was to honor your 1000th posts. Let me inspire you to one day achieve 10,000 posts!

no sense in trying to respond:

From: LawdyMama
Date: 06/03/07 05:23 PM
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Have a good day :)

this is fine by me but I'm not going anywhere.  I'll still be here long after all of you have moved on.  lm

God I love it.

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From: Stranglehold26
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an entire thread of "ignored" posts!!

well except for Philip

WOW! is right; my name got spelled correctly. Strangle is bucking for Master..

I can only aspire to the 10,000; but, I shall endeavor to persevere.

(can anyone get THAT obscure movie reference?)

BINGO!!! Wow, I can't believe you got that. I also, by the way, have a piece of rock candy; it's not for eatin', it's just for...lookin' through.

I bet he's a John Wayne fan. ppfffftttt!

"Now get back to trolling some other site so the rest of us can get back to having fun here and actually being able to have our posts stay for more than hour before you whine about. Stop talking shit constantly, stop making threats, and stop wishing harm on other people and then everyone can enjoy their time here on the UG. The best two weeks on here was after Skip wished that dude would get in a tragic accident and you guys disappeared for a few days."

I had a tragic accident recently. Unfortunately, I'm not dead.

Glad you are alive!

You are almost ranked master, but you must break 3000 posts first Stranglehold26, but you are a AL Forum legend!

how do I find out where team blood in blood out trains? There is a myspace for them but no directions???? That is rare!

Dude! De La Riva isn't obscure! That's some mainstream shit that should be in everyone's game!