congratulations alpha dog. he is now BLACK DOG

and by "BLACK DOG", i mean, he is a full fledged relson black belt.

well done sir.

ps. somebody take his keys now.

Congrats TT BOY!!

Please tell me he took it to Kanpai's OMA(tm) style and bought it a drink!

Major CONGRATS T.O. Dubl D!!!

 Congrats Todd you deserve it






LMAO @ Snowbear!

Rockin da T* U gear @ the post Promotion festivities @ Kanpai courtesy of teh Jimmy Naks


TheAlchemist - LMAO @ Snowbear!
Best Jim Carrey impersonation ever!


 Worth a thousand+ words ; )


 other notable promotions tonight

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

 Gauntlet Whipping False Start Face Shot

 Todd sprinting thru the gauntlet after getting false cracked in the eye

 More whippings

snowbear meltdown! ahahahahahhahah wtf

I thought I was the one that got Todd on the neck, but after watching the vid, I think it was Brandon. Nice. I'm cleared and can go to sleep tonight with a good conscience.

Group photo - Sam Mahi snuck out before the above Black Belt photo was taken but you can see him in this photo in the front row on Relson's left