Congratulations Bocek!

Way to go Mark! Looking forward to hearing more details.

Mark Bocek may be the next canadian champion soon.Congrats on a win.

Congrats, Bocek!

Anyone with details of the fight?

bocek looks like groundskeeper willie.

Hulk Geris assures me that Bocek has great things to come for us to all see.

On behalf of the Magnuson crew, congratulations to Mark Bocek! Impressive!


Congrats to Mark!!!
That's an important fight to get out of the way.


Mr. Bocek very well done, welcome to MMA ;)

Colangelo had to throw in the towel after the 1st round due to aggrevating a knee injury. It was a very nice fight up until that point, with Bocek showing amazing wrestling and BJJ. His passing was phenominal. Congrats on his first win, and props to Colangelo for being a tough bastid.

(Bocek was getting takedowns and passing and Colangelo was working the guard. Not a lot of stand-up or even g'n'p if memory serves, but a few good shots here and there).

Look very much forward to seeing Bocek fight again.

good job bo!


Hey Bro...


Ben and Ronin Team

not that it matters, but i felt colangelo was ahead after the first round... bocek was able to get some takedowns, but really only passed once or twice and those passes didn`t lead to much effective action in the way of strikes or sub attempts. on the other hand colangelo landed some nice effective shots standing and from his back. either way, it seemed as though colangelo was using a lot of energy from his back to keep bocek from passing but even when bocek passed colangelo was often able to get to his knees and back to his feet. nice fight by both fighters until the unfortunate end. congrats to bocek, i enjoyed watching both guys and hope to see both in action again soon.

It was a close round but I had Bocek ahead.

how dare you disagree with me! we are no longer friends. lol

I had Bocek WELL ahead.

Congrats Bocek.

I hope theres a rematch.

Congrats! When will it be on TV?