Congratulations Brandon Vera

On your win at Pan Ams..great job ese

I can't wait till the Brandon Vera vs *insert crazy Ufc of Pride heavyweight fighter name here* Threads about who is this Vera guy?????? He will get tooled !!!! then Vera comes and whoops some big time AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! he is the real deal in Gi and no Gi Grappling and MMA! Congrats Brotha you make us proud............

Congrats Brandon- this guy is the next big name in Hvy, he can fight from any position. A dangerous man.

Greg Mac

Without a doubt he is not one to sleep on..feel sorry for someone who has to fight him

lol.. this would never happen

Brandon is a GREAT GUY! He fought for me last September, and we had met many months before that.

I know he is now on the West Coast, but it makes no difference, I will have him again on one of my shows.

As for BJJ, we are in the same division, so I look forward to getting to roll with him someday!

Brandon, if you read this, give me a call at my new number:


I just opened a school in Columbus, OH & I would love to have you stop by sometime!


Dustin Ware

I will make sure he sees this, thanx for the support

SD Cartel,


No problem gz

"when is brandon going to fight again?"

Soon.. he is a workhorse and when he does he will be ready for sure.. judging from I see of him, many people will lose when facing him

good for u....congrats!

Shaq Daddy



Thank you everyone... I really appreciate it. It was cool to see everyone there @ the Pan Ams. I'm tryin to keep a low profile so someone WILL sleep on me. I've had 3 fights fall through this year already so who knows when I'll fight again... Dean and I already
talked about it. Only for 2 million and a VIP party @ Hefner's mansion, would this fight ever

where have you been at Howard Roak?

Man Brandon is a bad dude. When did he move out from the East Coast?

I would say he has been here about ehh 6 months or
so.. he alos won his division at GQ advanced

Man when he used to wrestle with us in the Airforce he caught on to everything real quick. I can only imagine how good he is getting at grappling.