Congratulations Jeremy Stephens!

He got married last weekend

After postponement for UFC 215 fight, Jeremy Stephens finally got married

??y @lilheathenmma #TheHeathensGetHitched #9.23.17 thank you @christophermtran for the pics!

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#Repost @lalalopez87 (@get_repost) ??? #TheHeathensGetHitched #theheathensgothitched

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Unforgettable @mrslilheathenmma and my beautiful daughters! #TheHeathensGetHitched

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Who tha fook is that....ah you got it.


Wait...thats not Conors mom!!?!?!?


And i'm out.....

I need to learn how to embed IG

She has Jeremy making hearts with one of the hands he uses to KO mofos.  Very funny and good for them , wish them the best.


Goodluck to them

Look at cat zigano all dolled up.  

Rhyno5820 -

Look at cat zigano all dolled up.  

Something about her......I DAMN!



Congrats to Jeremy

But we all know who the real best Man is…

This board is slippin! 1 hour and no shops of Conor’s mom’s face over his bride…

Mrs Heathen got some big ol' titties, congrats bro.

What? It needed to be said!

i was expecting: 

c’mon guy on the far left mean mugging

its a f’ing wedding jeez

maybe the sun was in his eyes


The pic with Conor’s mom must have been his bachelor party.

Nice looking lady.

Glad to see

I wonder if she lets him keep Conors mom as his side chick?

That bridal party is way to fucking big. I told my wife 3 people max.