Congratulations: Lytle/Steibling

Great wins for Lytle and Steibling. There are alot of great fights at 170 in the UFC for Lytle.

Great job guys............

Chris and I talked about some of the guys he'd like to fight, on the drive back from the fight. The matchups are endless.

Congrats to the team, Keith.

Thanks Jeff, and Sanakakujime. Chris has payed his dues, and it's really coming together for him. He's still improving with his punching, which could be scary.

Great night for the IF guys. Congrats!


What event did Steibling fight in?

Alex fought in the best consistent card ever to hit the Midwest the RSf.

It was a solid card

Alex won a decision in a close fight with Mike Rogers in RSF Shooto Challenge.

The UFC needs a fighter like Lytle, he fights...



Congrats to both of these guys and to Keith a great coach!!


Keith, you have done an excellent job training and I am glad to see you have really "arrived" as a trainer. You are a good guy and you deserve it. What do you think the chances we will see a Lytle vs. Marquardt match in Pancrase are? I think it would be an outstanding fight!


i think Nte and Chris are both managed by Phyllis Lee , so that probably won't happen.

Congrats Keith

Thanks Alan and Dave. Hi Buddy. Thanks for the kind words. Chris and Nate would be a great fight, but I think Nate's outgrown the 170 pound weight class. Nate would be an excellent addition to the UFC at 185. Each time I've seen him, his standup has improved.