Congratulations Marcus Aurelio!

Marcus Aurelio (ATT) took on and defeated Kotani in last nights ZST event in Japan.Round 1 was pretty even as both fighters exchanged punches and both secured takedowns. 2nd Round begins as both fighters exchange punches once again. Both fighters clash heads, cuts open up on both of them. Ref stops the action so the doctor and check and clean them up. They restart, Aurelio throws a punch then scores a takedown. He then passes guard and goes straight to the mount where he applies a kata gatame (head & arm) choke. Blood is now gushing from Kotani's head from the pressure. Ref stops the fight at 3:33 of the 2nd round. They said the choke was on tight and Kotani was in trouble right before the ref stopped the fight.Liborio said this fight was a war!Aurelio was not in his best shape due to being ill for 20 days prior, but he found a way to win. True sign of a champ!Congrats to Marcus on another great showing!Thanks to the ZST organization for giving us the opportunity to compete once again in Japan.American Top Team

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Congratulations Marcus!


Congrats from all of Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel!!

Dustin Ware

Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel

ttt for ATT :D

WoooHoooooo!!!!Marcus "Maximus" Aurelio

Excellent win for Aurelio. Kotani is very good.

Deadly knee striker Morkevicius was triangled by Tokoro. The ground is definately his weakness in that he now moves to 8-2, with both losses coming by way of triangle. (Aurelio triangled him the first time).

Ill for 20 days? Holy fuck!



"Aurelio has run through some high level guys recently: Gardner, Imanari, Morkevicius, Clementi, Kotani. He deserves a shot in a big show like UFC or Pride Bushido." Without a doubt, Aurelio should be in one of the top shows. Hopefully with this win it will open some eyes to the bigger shows mentioned.American Top Team