Congratulations O'Brien - NAGA

Congratulations to Jake O'Brien, winning the advanced no-gi heavyweight division at Chicago's NAGA, over Francisco France, 2-0.

Jake's showing he's got a bright future in grappling as well as MMA.

Also congrats to Jake's teammate, Shamar Bailey, for winning his division.


Congrats to Jake and Shamar!!

Great win for Jake, but I wouldn't go to far. He didn't impress me, he got a takedown, which was close, I almost didn't give the points as Francisco may have been pulling guard and then he stalled his way for the whole 6 minutes, engaging only when I asked for action to keep things going.

big strong guy though, and I think we some solid JJ training he'll be a force.

Way to go, BIG JAKE!

I also heard Clingerman did pretty up there too. Congrats to Shamar as well.


Awesome Jake. Congrats!

A win is a win!