Congratulations Pang and Nest

Congratulations on a great night. Especially to Adrian Pang who did Integrated Martial Arts proud once again. Adrian is looking forward to putting a permanent stamp on his weight division in the near future.

I have nothing but praise for Sam Nest. Sam dominated the fight for the most part. Perosh showed heart to make a comeback in the last round when Sam had gassed out. But was unable to finnish Sam even having Sams back with hooks in on one two occasions.

2 rounds to 1 Nest. Good work and a big thumbs up to John Donehue and his crew on the event.

The venue and professionalism of the organisers was A1. The crowd was big but there were a handfull of F Wits that were yelling out some undsireable taunts. We couldnt help but yell back and tell them to shut there mouths. Its not very often that I think about getting involved in an altercation with fools like that but I was thinking seriously about following them out as I watched them leave.

Had a think about it and let them go without getting bad publicity because of them. People like that should be told never to come back.

Our corner couldnt help but yell the Queenslander call out a few times. It was a proud moment for the Queensland contingent watching Sam cement his authority as the number 1 light heavyweight in Australia.

First of all congratulations to Adrian Pang. It was not easy getting into the ring and fighting Steve Gillinder when you consider the great friendship and respect that these two fighter have for each other. Steve was uncomfortable fighting Adrian as well, but when you only weigh the same as a good feed of Maccas, it's hard to get the tough fights. Well done to both fighter.
Also thanks to John Donahue and Joe Cursio for their invitation and the great way we were treated.

I was honoured to be able to witness the fight between Sam and Anthony. Even though I believe there is no LHW fighter in Australia that could beat Sam, I believe that Anthony displayed the skills and heart to establish himself in the top level of fighters in MMA in Australia.
And finally, it was my biggest thrill to meet Mr Randy Coture, his efforts and achievements at the age of 40 (like me)were my inspiration to fight on the XFC4 show (I didn't tell him I got a wooped).

You'd want to be careful Wayne - if you keep going the way you are, you might only weigh as much as a good feed of Macca's too - with desserts thrown in of course... ;-)

I was unhappy with the fight between Adrian and Steve too, but that sort of thing is always going to happen unfortunately. Glad you had a good trip too mate!

Oh, and congrats to Adrian as well!

"...but when you only weigh the same as a good feed of Maccas..."

What? Have they been bulking up?