Congratulations Relson RSA Kapahulu! :)

BAHZING!  gdi that thing pops.  live long and prosper fren. :)

Very cool! Phone Post 3.0

Ahhh, that's better...

 photo wall_zps312310df.jpg

Ahahahahaha!!!! FTMFW!!! Phone Post 3.0

Using my one VTFU a day option for you Fren Moke.
Legit LOL Phone Post 3.0

Make that two vote ups!


223 silent congratulations. :)

FCTV808 -

223 silent congratulations. :)

Ahahahaha!! Phone Post 3.0

Congratulations, gotta drop by.

364 silient congratulations!

Congratulations! Oh the Mamories...

Congratulations! Any pics of the innards?

547 silent congratulations! this the new Degobah ?

it is.


the new.



The congratulations are now higher than the address.

you mean it's higher than 7 3 7 kapahulu?



hey, you're right!

FCTV808 - 

it is.


the new.



Thought that was Kteam?

kteam is kashik. :)

Korriban is a better name for Kteam.