Congratulations to Bryan Atterson

Bryan was promoted to Black Belt yesterday by Jorge Gurgel. Bryan is the first born and bred West Virginian Black Belt!!!

also Promoted from the Beckley JG Affiliate were David Vannest to Brown Belt and Ernie "The Anchor" Skaggs to Purple Belt.

double post...

Big congrats to Brian, Dave, and Ernie. Brian runs his classes/workouts in a way that I've tried to emulate. He's a super organized teacher and I've thought he was a black belt level instructor for a while. Physically and mentally, I think that he's a great model for what a bjj black belt should be. He's always working hard and walks the walk.

Dave has always been strong and just continues to get better and better. The same can be said about Ernie. His purple belt has been a long time coming. Congratulations at getting over the hump! Lots of talent coming out of Beckley, WV.

 I will say congrat now...but will make a longer post later!

Bryan is like a brother to me, so I need time to write something nice :-)

i have pictures of bryans promotion

if anybody can host them i will email them to you so you can post them on here

I would like to have them sent to me even tho i cant post them here...

if a pro could help post them

i also have a couple of pictures of the other guys who got promoted



email me all the photo's, that way I can get them posted, and included in the next team news letter.

Congrats on the Brown!

- Dustin



- Dustin

i have them all posted on my myspace page- it was just easier to do it that way

i have over 200 pictures from the seminar etc..

my profile is set to private so send me a message and i will add you


Thank all of you very much! There was a lot of blood sweat and tears shed with all of you and I wouldn't change a thing. This has been the awesome experience that words can not describe and a real honor. Thanks to all my training partners, friends and brothers I've made along the way. The journey has just begun so, I'm sure I'll see all of you again soon.
I would like to congradualate my students from back home that were promoted as well, Dave Vannest, George Oiler and Ernie Skaggs. You guys are making me very proud.

Congrats Bryan! Well deserved!

 I know I speak for everyone at Beckley MMA when I say mucho congrats to our friend and coach.  You will not find a more stand up guy than Bryan.  I am proud to call him a friend along with all of my brothers from Team JG.  

I also want to congradulate George (Nofee) and Ernie (Anchor) on thier purple belts.  These guys are studs and make me work my ass off every practice.  I am very privilaged to train with such talented guys. 

David Vannest 

Congratulations Bryan!!!

I haven't known Bryan as long as most of you have, but over the past year I have been proud to call him my student, training partner and friend. He has helped my jiu jitsu tremendously in short time that we have been training together and it is an honor to have him as a major part of our team.

Jorge was great, and thank you guys for making the trip from WV. You are all welcome back anytime.

Time to start training B! I am going to be the first to break that new belt in!!!

Congratulations from all the guys at the Parkersburg Gurgel school !!!!

Congratulations, Bryan!

And also a big congrats to David Vannest. Man, that's awesome to see you training and moving up in BJJ. Congrats!

Congratulations Bryan! Excellent news.