Congratulations to Garry Tonon

I want to congratulate my student Garry Tonon for being ranked the number 1 brown belt in the world by the IBJJF. Garry came a long way since he first stepped through the doors of Ocean County Jiu-Jitsu. I couldn't be prouder of Garry and the man he is becoming.
-Tom DeBlass Phone Post

Beast. Loved what I saw from him attitude wise in the kumite ep Phone Post

Congrats to Gary, he's a beast and seems like a good dude. Phone Post

Congrats Gary! And Tom I've heard nothing but good things about you and your students! Keep up the good work sir! Phone Post

Congrats! He's a beast!! Phone Post

They have a ranking system?

I had no idea who he was until the Ultimate Absolute, but win or lose, he is one of the most exciting competitors out there. Congrats.

Better than Keenan?

Trichoke7 -

Better than Keenan?

Get real Phone Post

CJJScout -

'...I thought there was a high probability Lloyd had invited all the best brown belts in the world to a random abandoned office building were we would all be killed and never found, as part of an elaborate scheme to weed out Keenan’s competition at brown belt.'

They'd have been lucky just to be murdered, by the sounds of it.

Oh man...

Im 323!!!! I lost the lone match I did last year! LOL!

Garry is awesome. I haven't met anyone who trains like he does (in all fairness, everyone else I know is decades older and employed.) Can't wait until he wins the Lightweight Belt in PGL to go with the Middleweight one.