Congratulations to JOEL BLANTON!

Joel Blanton by tko in first round!! Great job Joel! Joel's been on a terror lately -- dominating his last three opponents!!

Congratulations, Joel.

awesome, congrats Joel, If your on here, I should be back in the states by the end of the month, if I make it down to indiana I want to train with you brother.

thanks lyle! your support has been great and glad to part of DOW! also to joe and jason. bro, let me know when you get back to the states and we can hook up. you have any recent pics?

joel "thebabysilverback" blanton

Congrats Joel

cool, I'll talk to one of my guys and see if I can get some more pics, I have to use one of there cameras. you bet I'll be in touch. take care and keep on whipping ass brother.

will do jasonthanks again guys!

Congrats, Joel. keep up your winning ways.

thanks dave, i have been hearing good things about you too! congrats on your latest victory also.

Hey joel this is Kevin, Ebersoles friend, congrats on the wins...also i was wondering if you had or could get a copy of my fight from that indiana show thanks

i will see what i can do for you kevin. how have you guys been doing?

Ebersole is doing good...he's out in Cali with AKA and he's fighting this saterday in atlantic city in that USA vs. Russia show. As for me im at school and its just me and Jeff Gerlick training out here. No fights planned for now just going to do some grapping tournaments. There is that naga tournament in chicago in May...maybe you'll be least you made it out of chicago ok that one weekend!haha

yeah, hanging with you young guys. had a blast that night though!