Connecticut Is Where it's at.INFO

looking for a place near New Haven.

i have a guy who lives in CT when not in school and wants a place to train. he's fairly green ( grappling since March), but has some wrestling background.

please post some info. Again, only those near New Haven (30min drive away at most).

aTTTn: HunterRose

I think this is Andrew Callendrelli's (sp?) info.

"Anyone interested in learning Bjj in ct im teaching in new haven im a purple belt under renzo with alot of experince in competitions my email is and phone# is (203)668-6110 Address, 33 Bernard Rd, North Haven Ct 06473
Bernhard Rd is on the (New Haven - North Haven Town line right off Middletown ave)exit 8 off 91

Team Renzo Gracie "

This guy posts here...

Team Venom in New Britain CT. About 30 minutes away. Train for grappling and MMA competitions. If interested email at and I can get you directions and schedule.

thanks guys. i'll relay the message.

Hey Empire,

I live in East Haven and have been to a few schools around here. Andrews school in North Haven is a good place for no-gi BJJ. Team Venom is also a very good school and know a few guys that go there,well arounded grappleing and strikeing( Ted good luck on Sat, Im hoping to join Antonio to the event) CTMMA is in Derby(40-45min away) and is a good gi-BJJ school.

I dont attend a school at this time but often get some friends together sometimes to roll and teach each other a few new things.

Let me know.

In Middletown:

I'm Roy Harris' only Southern New England affiliate.

Beginners welcome!


Team Venom in New Britain. Contact Ted Govola, or our head instructor Randy Rowe (, or go to

TTT to TeamVenom.

Who wants to train with a guy called Twinkletoes?With a screename like that you must have rainbow stickers everywhere.

Andrew Calendrelli is in North Haven and represents Team Renzo Gracie. He is a great guy to train with.


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

lynn, he is also in the same town. i'll have our guy give him a ring.

Kosta/Empire...sounds good bro!

"Who wants to train with a guy called Twinkletoes?With a screename like that you must have rainbow stickers everywhere."

Sounds better than some ultra-masculine hate/fight/fuck/kill everyone gets hurt kind of school.

A good time is had by all.