Connors fractured it with a kick

I liked Connor coming out and saw improvement in his kicking game. ButYou can’t kick with the botton end of of the shin if you can help it because it is the weakest part. Anderson had the same thing happen. I’m not a fan of throwing low kicks when you are outside of being able to hit with a jab. When you do so, you either hit with the foot, or the skinniest part of the shin. those kicks are just a fly swatter and do little damage except to the kicker. Leg kicks are meant to be thrown in a range where the top 2/3 of the shin impact. I know all of it is hard to do. It could happen to the best of them but connors vulnerability technically and physically is his legs and kicking game.

Poirer is to heavy handed on the ground for connor as well.

he’s done if he’s smart. Take his millions and find something else to occupy his time. Early retirment before 40? That would be my choice.

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karma broke his leg