Conor blazing up while driving


Yeah what a loser

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PR pics of you doing drugs…you’re not a rapper my guy.

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In the first pic, he looks like shit

It’s interesting how much he worries on looking bigger & muscular. I think it really really matters to him. Some insecurities there. I used to worry about the same shit in my younger years.

I think that concern & style of training had to do at least a bit with his downfall.

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I wish Conor the best of luck, and still thinks he’s a great fighter, but man he makes it hard to support him.


The butthurt and hate is strong up in here, up in here.


No more proper 12 for you huh

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Smoke and drive?
This is normal

here come the Conor cock riders

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He has that bloated dbol water retention head.

Not to mention he looks wasted.

I don’t know why I expect more from a person who earns a living getting punched in the head, but I do.


Trash will be trash and no amount of money will ever change that!

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He was a two division champion. He already had the legacy and he’s a prize fighter. Fight for generational wealth over fat guys writing on a forum. But he’s definitely toast as a elite of elite MMA fighter


It is sad that he feels the need to use drugs and booze. He doesn’t seem truly happy. He’s forgetting his kids will see this one day…

I think he still has one good run left IF he gets sober and IF he starts training with wrestlers and a real bjj teacher.

Btw, my ‘friend’ was approached about getting a large amount of snow for an athlete that is a household name. This guy had a guard at the door and if you wanted to party with him you got searched and had to put your cellphone in a bag until you left, no exceptions. Conor should really be careful and maybe rock some light sunglasses when he’s indulging.

He transitioned a while ago to Instagram Star and hobbyist fighter. This is his/her/its preferred world now, duck lips and skin tight clothing. It is not surprising, his two older sisters used to force him to play dress up as a kid, wearing wigs and lipstick and high heel shoes.

Well maybe not forced…

Only in bright eyed, bushy tailed naive fans eyes he “ruined his career”.

In reality, if you get a job as an architect for a company, design some great work then move on to own your own architectural firm, your career is a constant upward glide.

You aren’t designing anything new personally, but everything around you is bigger, better, more expensive and extravagant, only a fool would say your career as an architect is “ruined”.

Conor McGregor is an entity not a fighter anymore, he can still print cash as a fighter and will when he recovers, meanwhile the companies he started are being cashed out for insane profits.

Perspective is important.

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Meanwhile your two sisters work at Waffle House and Motel 6…but please, continue on about the failures of McGregor. Lol

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Puffy, alcoholic face

Didn’t know that Conor was into 420.

Looks rough in that pic.
If he wants to party away his life with his wealth, doesn’t bother me none. I just hope he doesn’t hurt anyone else on his way down.

I don’t pity him, as he has had an unparalleled streak of financial success for a fighter, but fuck, it’s hard to watch him crumble at times.