Conor McGregor breaks record at sports science lab

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Mountain Biker - Bet* Phone Post 3.0
How much? Phone Post 3.0


Yeah ok Phone Post 3.0

AishOyyy - 


If he dies, he dies.

This obviously.

So, is Scientifically Proven Conor superior to Televised Siver?

This one is shaping up to be a barn burner.

They should test Aldo or Mendes. I guarantee they would beat his numbers anywhere. Conor looks like he's moving underwater, compared to either of them. Phone Post 3.0

Fight Night Boston: Conor's Elite Movement 


It's poetry in motion!

Conner McGregor has a .3 second jab? Pfft..Frank Dux not only threw a .12 second punch, he knocked a guy out with it.

Incomplete Tent Person - Stopped watching that show after they said Jones spinning elbows moved at the same speed as a helicopter blade. Phone Post 3.0
Lmao..... I dunno why but that cracked me up Phone Post 3.0

Brockback Mountain - Sports science seems like BS Bro Science and hype masked as real science for stupid people.

It's a TV show. You definitely have to take a lot of it with a grain assault.

Uhh salt IMHO Phone Post 3.0

i fucked up. post deleted

While I do like the show and it's basic premise it is not very scientifically accurate. I would hesitate to believe the results as 100% factual, for any test they conduct. Phone Post 3.0

Carson's Corner radio show -

Scientists hate him Phone Post

Scientists hate this Irishman who discovered one weird trick to increase punching power 3000%! CLICK HERE

You guys made me spit my tea out laughing ha ha ha Phone Post 3.0


Conor is such an elitest

Troll science Phone Post 3.0