Conor McGregor has 'chronic arthritis in his ankles

Fook It

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Conrat the Cunning, tried to meld the two things to con is fan base. Yes he has ankle issues, yes, everyone was aware of them. No, it has nothing to do with stress fractures to his delicate little shin bones:

I was injured going into the fight,” McGregor said. “People are asking me, ‘When was the leg broke? At what point did the leg break?’ Ask Dana White, ask the UFC, ask Dr. Davidson, the head doctor of the UFC. They knew, I had stress fractures in my leg going into that cage.

No they didn’t. They knew about your girly man ankles. No one knows anything about stress fractures.


“I didn’t rape her”


Jesus, lol. These guys have no shame.

Alcoholic with swollen ankles

classy in de-feet.


Can a legit MD please comment on how an otherwise healthy world class athlete has chronic arthritis at the age of 33…

Id bet most fighters in the UFC have some kind of issue. This is just an obvious deflection from Conor. His team said he had arthritis before the fight/asked about wrapping them… then they didn’t bother wrapping them. Sounds like a real problem…

Milk that cash cow egg

Does he have osteoporosis too

Yeah…i got chronic ankle arthritis.

Never made my shin snap

Boo fucking hoo