Conor McGregor: It's never too late

UFC president Dana White remarked once about an early Jon Jones that the only person who could beat him was himself, which has proved to be accurate, to a degree. The same could be said of former champ champ Conor McGregor, and "Notorious" reference that recently, on his social network.

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I ordered all of my powers back to me and the order was followed. It is never to late to summon our powers and advance to higher ground. Never, ever too late! Whatever stage we are at. There is always higher power, and there is always higher ground. Good luck! The cover shot was taken backstage post my last bout. Thank you @fightersonlymag Hard work. Focus. Re dedication = Results!

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Comer is a beast

I think he fights at both 155 and 205+

cummer is great fighter

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^fucked your spelling you maroon.

hope Conor gives a full account of his dark times in his eventual autobiography 

KingMartyrJack -

Kirik + Proper 12 = thread title of shit.

Conor + Proper 12 = Instagrgam post of shit.



Its Kirk and Comor.

Doma White

UFC President

This motherfucker needs to turn his spell checker on once and a while.