Conor McGregor talks Ogle, Pendred, Seery & more

Conor McGregor talks bout with Andy Ogle, Cathal Pendred's victory over Che Mills, Neil Seery winning the Cage Warriors Flyweight Championship and much more

All aboard the McGregor trane!!! ChoooChooo!

uh.. busting on his clothing was kinda strange


RicGillespie - All aboard the McGregor trane!!! ChoooChooo!



Nice interview man. McGregor is a beashhtt! Phone Post

Lol good stuff.

Diaz and Conor the 2 best interviews in mma.

Conor's a gas cunt!! Phone Post 3.0

mans a fuckin lunatic. i love it Phone Post 3.0

Fucking delighted for Neil Seery; smashin' performance!

Conor is the next big thing he is good on the mic and has legit skills. He will open up the mma scene in Ireland.

He seems like he's constantly having fun. Phone Post

I don't think I've ever wanted someone to be UFC champion so bad as I do for Conor. Phone Post 3.0

WAR McGregor!!

Haha! WTF is that bloke doin with that mic? It's like something you'd see on the Late Late show in 1974!

Just when you think a mudder-fucker can't get any cooler he goes and does that interview! It's nice to see him care about raising the standards of all aspects of Irish MMA.

Fair play to him for letting them blokes walk through the middle of that interview. You wouldn't see Joe Rogan doing that. Phone Post 3.0

War notorious!! Phone Post 3.0

I think him and Roy Nelson went to the same school? On the other hand a very Tuff dude!

In! Phone Post

weebrave - In! Phone Post
. Phone Post 3.0