Conor McGregor tries to fight MGK at MTV VMA awards

Looks like he’s really trying to show him his watch and is disappointed the guy was not impressed.

MTV must be loving this! I didn’t even know this bullshit was on before this thing. It could be a setup but do I believe a guy with hundreds of millions would embarrass himself like this for some money?

This is also what happens when a person has absolutely no interests. All the money and possibilities to do whatever he wants, but has 0 hobbies or interests.

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If you have hundreds of millions what do you do for hobbies? I feel like everything must just feel boring to him so he goes crazy.
If you guys had that money what kinda hobby would you do before you started railing lines of hookers asses? Or do both?

Sports cars, travel to every exotic location, go to theater, start a YouTube channel, troll kids on XBOX, go to African safaris all the time, help rescue big cats, mechanical keyboards, help community, help raise the next generation of fighters, build a gym your poor area, collect high quality headphones, watches, review phones, do a make a wish foundation, troll your opponents in more creative way than the idiotic twitter posts. There is million things to do. The guy loves attention and wants to stay relevant there are much better ways to stay relevant than what he does.

Money gives you more options, not less.

But no, fuck all that, let’s snort this shit instead.

Look at Francis Ngannou, he has a goal, wants to build a gym in his town, help his community, is building his house, and does not waste time talking coke fueled nonsense

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That would be the hobby

They e kissed and made up was pure publicity bullshit and all you fuckers gossiping bought into it

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It’s funny - i’d never head of MGK until Eminem wrecked him

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someone on here said he played tommy lee in that movie on netflix about motley crue called Dirt.
He was fucking brilliant in that, full of life unlike the emotionless thing he was playing with conor.

Muay Thai, in Thailand.

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