Conor sells Proper 12 for $600 million!

And not even all of it! He retains a minority shareholding!


Conor McGregor sells majority of whiskey brand Proper No. Twelve to Proximo Spirits for $600million as net worth continues to soar"

Conor McGregor is edging closer to the billionaire’s club after selling the majority stake in his whiskey company, Proper 12 for $600million.

The former UFC world champion has always maintained he wants to join the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Tiger Woods on the illustrious list and the dream is quickly becoming a reality.

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Conor McGregor (@thenotoriousmma) often referred to Proper 12 (@properwhiskey) as liquid gold and today, it’s turned into bullion. Distributor Proximo Spirits has acquired a majority stake in the Irishman’s whiskey in a deal worth over $600 million.

McGregor, who remains a stake holder in Proper Twelve, says the agreement is just a re-evaluation of the previous arrangement: “Proper Twelve is my baby for life! I’m only warming up the barrels here!" McGregor said. “What I have in store for you all will not only take Proper Twelve to the absolute pinnacle of Irish whiskey, but of all spirits!”

It ain’t no “Dougie’s Fight Club” Whisky!


lol - wtf -

I have a feeling that he doesn’t walk away with much money.

Good for him.


Sick…couldnt stand the guy since day one but fk me he perfected being a dick and turning that into money.


proper shyte

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Yeah, he knows how to do it alright. His press conferences with Mayweather he never flinched, or became self-conscious at all.

In fact his entertainment personality and bravado, and understanding of business power outpaces his fighting talent.


some folks love counting Conor’s money. But OPs headline is misleading.

Says up to $600M, with $250 already being paid in the last 2 years. So really its $350M to be divided by Conor plus the other investors. Still a heafty amount. Clooney sold Casamigos for $1B, so celebrity spirits can definitely sell. Conor will probably remain a well paid Spokesperson and small stake holder

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You have to sell alot of that shit to make your money back.

600 million dollars…how long will that take?

How much profit per bottle?

…about tree fiddy…

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I don’t get the buyers’ logic here. Unless Conor is still motivated to promo the hell out of it, it’ll lose value.

Says the guy who joined 10 yers after me. Gotta love this place.

What a joke. One of the best Irish whiskeys? Bull fookin shit. Guy only cares about money.