Conor sells Proper 12 for $600 million!

I believe the buyer was already an owner, they just took a much larger stake.

I could be wrong

New pants.


Why else are you in business? The goal is to make money!


Now he’s going to buy out the UFC


Good call. It wouldn’t surprise me, and would make sense of everything.

Not the whole thing of course, but perhaps a good slice.

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How the fuck is this possible ?

Endeavour has an $18.7 billion market cap.

Conor could buy about 2 to 3% of the company if he spent every dollar he has.

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Really I thought it was valued at 4-6 billion.

Wait, I am thinking of ufc not the whole parent company.

Thanks for the info.

Putting aside Conors trash personality, he’s gone from a broke waste of space living with mom to a UFC superstar and selling companies for 600 million. It’s unbelievable.

I still don’t want to be him though.

Wow. Crazy how that shite cheap-ass whiskey got him 600 million and Joe Rogan selling out to spotify only got him 100 million and its the biggest podcast in the world.

It’s odd. He was not working, was not doing anything, yet he still had a hot girlfriend, still had all the support.

The guy is blessed.

Funny that Conor sold at the right time. Right before his MMA career goes in the dump.

Getting an investment group to pony up that kind of money is not as hard as you think esp since he is high profile and has shown the ability to market and make money.

UFC isn’t worth the buy thou at this point, he is better off buying a regional outfit and building it.


If Conor built a feeder promotion to the UFC they would love that.

Also, knowing Conor he’d brag and promote the hell out of it and make something of it.

Great for him and his family, but probably not great motivation for training lol. No way he trains like he did on the way to the 145 lb title.