Conor Vs Aldo 2 at UFC 200?

If Conor loses to Nate what would be the best fight for him next? Obviously he will be on 200. But who should it be against if/when he loses. Phone Post 3.0

As much as I love aldo, he isn't a big enough name. He won't get the fight

Fuck no Phone Post 3.0

I'm just pumped I'm going to be there. Phone Post 3.0

Conor vs Lawler Phone Post 3.0

From what I understand Conor has requested a fight with Brock. Phone Post 3.0

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much - Conor vs Lawler Phone Post 3.0
You still wanna see that fight even if Conor loses? Phone Post 3.0

I don't think he's going back to Fw, but wants to keep the belt until he fights for another belt simultaneously Phone Post 3.0

Frankie Phone Post 3.0

GSP Phone Post 3.0

If he loses rda vs Nate and Conor vs Frankie at 200 Phone Post 3.0

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much - Conor vs Lawler Phone Post 3.0
He said if he loses Phone Post 3.0

Hard to see the script reading a Conor loss here...

TheWolf88 - Frankie Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0

The FW division is making it easy for him to sit on the belt. No one is doing anything. They are like baby birds in the nest waiting for Conor to swoop in and feed them. To be fair, every other relevant fight at FW already happened except Frankie vs Conor. Phone Post 3.0

Aldo hasn't exactly ingratiated himself with the UFC brass, so there is no way they would grant him that payday. If GSP were to come back, that would be the biggest fight they could make, otherwise it will be against whichever champion Conor wants to fight, Edgar/DosAnjos/Lawler.

Back to 45, if he loses to Nate who's a real 55er. Aaaaannnd somehow they still won't give him Frankie. Phone Post 3.0

Conor wins Lawler

Conor loses Frankie Phone Post 3.0

If he loses he wont go back down to fight Aldo - its too risky and why should he? (I mean he should if this was a legit sport but...) - he won't face Frankie either - he will fight RDA at 200. This fight is at 170 for several reasons.

1. It benefits Conor to fight at 170 not Nate and the Mac camp know this and I'm not sure its fully appreciated by the Diaz camp. This is because of many perfomrance related ramafications. Conor as we know is a natural 170/80 walking weight and he is healthy and fighting fit up there. Nate is fighting fit at 160/155 - the one thing Nate needs is endurance and being up in weight is unlikely to aid him here. - Let alone speed...

2. If he loses then the weight jump can be spun to allow him to say (legitimately) that he should still fight for the 155 strap as the fight with Nate at 170 was just to help make the fight for 196.

3. If he wins it legitamises the run for the 170 belt 

I think we all know Conor is in this for the money and not to stick around and gain damage over time. He has said that himself. He wants to get all three belts if possible then exit without losing a fight. That is his game plan. I am sure he knows that if he beats Nate, then RDA (@200) then fights for the Welterweight strap that fight will be his money fight - that fight will be his quarter/half bill fight. 

Then he is done, see ya, out

And what an awesome run it would be - it will never be repeated. But first he gets through Nate then a very unlikely win with over RDA @ 200


If Connor loses then Cowboy probably gets a call or its a rematch. Phone Post 3.0