Conor vs. Floyd- Who would you root for?

Not who would you bet on.

I know damn well Conor's chances of winning are about as good as my chances of having Jessica Alba sit on my face.

But I want to see the fight for the spectacle that it would be.

And I would pray for Conor to land a miraculous haymaker to knock floyd the fuck out.

Conor is a cocky motherfucker, but fuck you if you think you wouldn't be if the world was hanging from your nutsack.

Floyd, he's a piece of garbage.
-A 5 time convicted woman beater, in front of his kids
-reproduces and most likely skatters children like the easter bunny hides eggs
-arrogant, ignorant, belligerent, cowardly, Just an all around scum bag
-all he does is sell wolf tickets. Talk all this shit leading to the fight, Jab, Clinch, run all fuckin night. Cashes the check, What did you expect, he's MONEY MAYWEATHER.
-and the list goes on and on

Obviously I know Floyd will probably dominate Conor and he will end up getting exactly what he wants (my Money). But I would soo love to see that piece of shit receive some serious brain damage. Sorry, not sorry.

Conor 100%


OP - tempted to steal your thread but I'll give you the option first lol - why don't you do the same thread but make a poll?

Conor is unbearable as it is. if he got lucky and Floyd slipped on a banana peel he’d be so much worse I couldn't stand it.

Thankfully that's not going to happen. But he's going to make Conor look silly. Maybe not as much as Floyd would look silly in an mma fight, but still. The issue is, that can't hurt him much in MMA, you really can't compare the two. it's just not possible.

Me, I’m rooting for the illiterate woman beater as sick as that feels.

Conor obviously.

Floyd 100%.


I've been a Floyd fan for over ten years.


And I also now feel obliged to root against Conor because of the state of his fuckwit fan base.

Aussie Shaun -
Brabatross - Conor obviously.

stupid question to be asking here.

anyone supporting that fucking cunt mayweather should be banned immediately.

Haha neck up you fucken parrot




However, I might as well wish in one hand and shit in the other...

I'd be satisfied just seeing Conor get Mayweather in trouble for five seconds during the first round. At least that would be something for the highlight reel. 

Double K.O

Routing for Conor, betting on Floyd in the first half of the fight.

This will be the one time in rooting for Mac. I HATE Mayweather


FatBuddha - Conor.

OP - tempted to steal your thread but I'll give you the option first lol - why don't you do the same thread but make a poll?
Nah, go for it if you want. Poll threads are pretty much useless since the great majority of people on here are through the mobile app.


Fresh Cunt ftw

Floyd....and I've never rooted for Floyd, ever 

Hogzilla - Conor cause he's the white guy and I feel like that's the underlying story here.... No?
You on that Irish Terry Conklin shit?