Conor will be 3 division champ

No doubt about it. You may not have heard it here first but you definitely heard it here. He KO's Woodley

no way, woodley by midget toss

I was waiting for this thread to pop up

Maybe. Woodley probably ragdolls him much, much easier than a fresh Mendes did though.

Well it's here. 

I'd pay to watch it thats for dam sure

Yeah he can barely beat Nate who is a gatekeeper at 170 buy he's gonna be champ. Go chew on lead

Woodley is a bit stiff and awkward with his right hand tho its fast and hard. Could very much get countered like Connor does.

COnnor had a much harder time with WB although WBs boxing is not good enough imo.

I hope so. 

inf0 - no way, woodley by midget toss
They're the same height

Woodley was not impressive.

Very timid.

Not very champion-like.

Yah mcnuggets is never getting that shot unless he defends one of his belts

Woodley's cardio is so bad he can afford to throw a couple of punches per round.

I was really surprised that he was even hanging with Rashad, let alone beat him.

Pretty embarrassing.