Conservatives: Why are your enemies always “pedophiles”?

It’s like you looked at the leftist playbook of calling everyone a racist nazi, and said “hey that’s a really great tactic that we can use!”

Why are you empowering retards by granting legitimacy to their tactics?

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Well I mean the fathers of the trans movement and of critical race theory… they actually literally were mostly pedos.


Maybe cause pedos are literally everywhere now and Nazis aren’t. Idk.


Because they are.


Would you rather live in a neighborhood full of nazis or a neighborhood full of pedophiles?

OP loves both, don’t make him choose.


I have been called a pedo on this site a few times. I see what you’re saying. It’s the first insult hurled, often by people who dont know what the fuck theyre talking about. I said something that someone misinterpreted as supporting another poster, and by association this person started screaming at me about supporting pedophiles. What do you say to that?

Why do conservatives call weird libs who create sceneries where they just “have to” discuss and demonstrate sexuality with small children pedos?!

Fucking mystery, fren!


It’s simple.

Stop grooming kids and we’ll stop calling you pedophiles.


And you don’t see how this is a ridiculous statement?

I don’t understand how half the country, who are obsessed with owning firearms, leaves their house every day suspecting that they literally live next door to endless hordes of pedophiles, and there AREN’T streets filled with blood.

So you either don’t believe what you claim to, or you’re a pedophile enabling coward. Which is it?

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Because the president is one.

Because they encourage tranny story time which has had several.

There’s plenty of republican pedos but they at least try to hide it and are prosecuted for it. I assume priests are pedos with the same discrimination as trannys, I’m an equal opportunity hater in that regard.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like duck…


A Christmas Story GIF by filmeditor

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He’s right. I’ve met 1 outward racist in my life, and zero nazis. There are lots and lots and lots of pedophiles around, and it’s being normalized right in front of our eyes. I don’t have any problem at all calling out someone who engages in activity that normalizes or causes pedophilia. But I think it’s dangerous and ineffective to start labeling everyone you don’t like a very very nasty and stigmatizing description without any proof at all.

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At least I know SOMEONE will get the joke the next time a poster speaks in broken drunk engrish and I ask for the little orphan annie decoder ring.

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No, I don’t see how it’s a ridiculous statement. Sowwy.


So you knowingly stand by while pedophiles, who are literally everywhere around you, continue to rape children.

What a spineless weaseldick.

You started this thread with a thoughtful post. Now you’re being willfully obtuse and disingenuous.


Its Sunday, fuck em. Click on funner threads! Cheers