Considering a move to Charlotte, NC

Considering a move to Charlotte, NC for work, it’s a promotion that would require me to relocate my family, so I don’t take it lightly. Any OGers here that can speak for the area? My parents are in their 70’s and are top notch. If there’s anything that was ever given to me in this life, it was solid parents. And that’s more than some others have had, so I don’t take for granted the fact that I’d be leaving them behind. Mind you they are healthy and independent (and supportive), but I still feel guilty leaving them behind. I believe Charlotte, NC would have much more opportunity to offer my children in the future, but time spent with grandparents has much to offer as well. Any advice would be well received.

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How far away from Charlotte are you currently?

A quick google search shows its 36% black. So Im guessing its about double the US avg in violent crime. Is that a place you want to bring your family?

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4-5 states over, depending on which direction you’re traveling from. About a 13 hour drive.

Ive lived here since 1997, originally from Brooklyn, NY. As a city/cultural center, its unspectacular, but very livable, reasonable drive to the beach and mountains, nice weather, low cost of living, and not much traffic. I have 3 grown kids, one just joined the Air Force, but the other 2 have no desire to leave and have found financial opportunity of their own. Let me know if you have any questions.

That’s tougher. You’re close enough to still be able to go visit on long weekends, but with kids that could be a pain in the ass to do that drive. I’d visit for a weekend or a week with your family and see what it’s like. See if you even like the place to begin with and then start weighing things out like housing, schools, crime and job market for your wife.

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If you’re in the city, you’ll deal with crime/joggers.

If you’re outside the city and in the county, crime plummets. 99% of joggers are actually joggers.


I hate the actual downtown part of charlotte with a passion. Anytime I go there for a panthers game it reminds me how much I hate that place.

Appreciate the info, and thanks for the offer to reach out, I may take you up on it.

Same. I hate the city overall. I’m 90 minutes away, go for random reasons. Flew into Charlotte just yesterday. I’d definitely prefer to live outside of Charlotte vs in Charlotte. Not sure where OP’s office would be though

I’d be in the county or somewhere nearby to maintain access to the city. Never was one to live in a “downtown” area.

Most popular places for business and residences outside downtown in CLT are south and southeast of the city. South Charlotte, Fort Mill, Rock Hill to the South, Matthews and Waxhaw to the south east. North of the city you have the university area, Concord, and Harrisburg, which is where I live, and Mooresville and Lake Norman if you are looking for lake life or waterfront. West of the city is less developed and either more ghetto or more redneck.

Charlotte is a majority non-white city, which I think many or most southern cities are, but I find there is little general racial tension and that crime is only prominent in the really bad areas. Anti white racism is much more prevalent in northern liberal cities in my experience. Decent people all seem to integrate and get along here.

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Do you need to live in the city? like most cities there are nice suburbs all around it. My son was there this weekend for a wrestling tournement. As others have said it’s unspectacular but it’s very livable nearby.

You better be paying your respects to my main man @MojoSoDope . He is the godfather of NC and you best not be fucking around.

Anytime I go to NC, I give three weeks notice that I’ll be passing through.

A great place to visit.