"Conspiracy" theorists correct, again. CDC now admits PCR tests used for DNA harvesting


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I heard the conspiracy that DNA testing that went into the global databank was used to look for certain bloodlines. Biblical bloodlines. They were also looking for the bloodline the antichrist would come from. I forget the specific details but I do know the elites are into bloodlines.

I remember someone did some tracing of bloodlines years ago and found all the US presidents we’ve had were related.


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Thats what I’m talking about. They’re looking for bloodlines

At this point that doesn’t seem far fetched.

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This is true, but it came out during the Obama administration. I wonder if trump and Biden were on the list too.

If I remember correctly, Obama and George W shared the same great great grandfather.

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Well, thankfully ancestry…com doesn’t have my DNA.

that is fine

how about your relatives?

some of my relatives submitted their DNA to these “services”

it’s from a town hall last year

And nobody has any idea what the he was on about


Other than the bloodlines thing, what other things could they do? And hey, for those that submitted DNA, you could get a knock on your door and be the next president or given untold riches… or be killed if you gots the bad blood. Oh well.

On a side note i watch tons of true crime stuff and so many people have been caught agter throwing down a cigarette butt, throwing out a drink and recently they watched a guy in a restaurant and whenbhe left the took stuff from his table! So if your killing poeple, dont be a litterbug and get take out and delivery

Jesus Christ.

Soon the democrats will be demanding that all Americans submit a DNA sample to the government.

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hhahaha, that chubby kid is funny as hell.


Fuck yous?


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This day has been coming since those fire & brimstone preachers were showing

“Mark of the Beast”

in the 80’s

@spjackson77 's mother does though…Amirite…

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Actually it was called this.