"Conspiracy" theorists correct, again. CDC now admits PCR tests used for DNA harvesting

Yep, just like the Patriot Act would be selectively and rarely used unless the target was foreign and on a terror watch list. Indiscriminately collecting data on US citizens was something that would never happen. I remember reading that and watching every intel head testify to that…We now know it was all BS.

How something is sold and how it is ultimately used are usually two VERY different things when it comes to government.

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Jesus it’s been a while since I heard that one. I feel exhausted, like I need a brain nap.

OP sees a tweet and either cant understand it or doesnt even bother to try

they post it here and claim it proves shit that it doesnt prove nor even suggest at all

rubes eat it up and accept it as proof without looking into it themselves

they then use it to say “since this is now proven then all these other things are surely true now too!”

and voila - rampant retardation!

If the Supreme Court has ruled that taking someone’s blood by the police is an unlawful seizure without cause, I imagine the CDC just opened themselves up to massive lawsuits…

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