Constitutional lawyer drafts FU letter to YOUR boss re: wuhan flu

i dont see the Nuremberg code raised in the decision . they also cuck and say jacobson good, but buck bad. totally gloss over buck was a direct result of jacobson

they also take a great fucking leap saying jacobson says they can force vax except that wasnt the remedy, just a fine .

they also mis-state the no right based on religious bases. jehovah witnesses have long had the right to refuse blood transfusions

That’s because it isn’t a real legal argument dude.

The school has a religious exemption.

Anyhow, fine to disagree with the courts, I am more making the point that this is how it is going to go on the particular argument the OP made and that it wouldn’t work with any courts. Still batting 0 on the “option to refuse” language in every case that I have found.

We’ve been over his with him… about how the code has been (or not) applied in case law… its a case of cognitive dissonance… no one is surprised by this but him.